Tallaght Headstones and Memorials. A company of prestigious integrity driven by professionalism within the arena of headstone sculpture with a relentless ambition formed in 2012. Forged from the concept that it could bring new levels of resources and professionalism that no one had ever thought possible in the memorial and headstone accessories industry. From the company's infancy to where it is now the results have been extraordinary. A unique approach that was pioneering and inventive that allowed all it's customers to secure their vision of a beautiful memorial with unequivocal accuracy and care by experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled craftsmen.


Often imitated, rarely equaled and never surpassed, the peerless work of Tallaght Headstones and Memorials has left an indelible impression on many generations of customers and admirers alike. Throughout this presentation website we are proud to express our artistry, adeptness and endever within the arena of memorial and monument design and sculpture. Our passion is here for all to see and experience.