Since the company began in the year 2012 Tallaght Headstones and Memorials have enthralled the consumer marketplace with their visions of exquisitely crafted memorials both simple and sophisticated, stunningly designed contoured shapes and seductive granites, marbles and limestones of the very finest quality expertly sourced within Ireland as well as overseas. Their ardent dedication to their profession is nowhere more evident than in our precision crafted memorials, monuments and grave accessories that grace the peacefulness and somber surroundings of God's acre.


Many of the customers who have dealt with this company in the past will undoubtable recognize some of the memorial and monument designs that have helped to commemorate the memory of their loved ones. These we inspiring sculpted works of art have astounded customers by the very breadth and depth of their quality and attention to detail. Tallaght Headstones have always made the greatest of efforts to satisfy the requests of their customers as well as to fulfill the high standards that they have set for themselves and their industry.